How To Earn Bitcoin Online.

If you want to know how to earn bitcoin online..

This list of websites and companies that pay out in bitcoin is probably just what your looking for ;)


Top Bitcoin Affiliate Programs


Affiliate programs are websites that allow you refer people to different products, websites and services and you are paid commisions on sales or sign ups.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular forms of internet marketing, generating billions per year in sales.

This is one of the best ways to earn bitcoin online.


Coinbase - One of the most popular sites to buy bitcoin on, refer new users and earn $10 when they purchase $100 of bitcoin.
Changelly - One of the easiest ways to exchange cryptocurrency instantly, the affiliate program pays you 50% of trade fee's collected from your referrals.
Coin Gate - Payment gateway system for accepting crypto currency payments and exchange platform. Earn bitcoin by refering people.
Spectro Coin - A bitcoin exchange with a debit card attached.. works nearly all around the world. Earn bitcoin by refering users.
Crypto Pay - Get a visa debit card to spend your bitcoin anywhere.. and earn a percentage of all loading fee's from your referrals.
Bit Bond - A small business loan platform.. earn up to 14 per cent interest on loans you give out, refer others and earn bitcoin.
Best Change - Just send visitors to this website and earn bitcoin.. the more times they use the site the more you earn, up to 45 cents per user.
500 Affiliates - Bitcoin forex trading platform, earn up to $800 per trader refered, and earn commisions on other affiliates you refer.
Satoshi Mines - A very addictive bitcoin gambling game.. earn 10 percent of profit from everyone you refer, avoid the mines and win bitcoin.
Nice Hash - Buy or sell mining power.. earn a commision on people you refer.. popular site good earning potential.
Hash Flare - Buy hashing power here, and earn up to 15% commision on all referals sent, all paid out in bitcoin.
X Coins - A decentrlized trading platform that accepts paypal.. very high commisions paid out to affiliates, also has a lending platform.



Crypto Currency Exchanges


These crypto currency exchanges all have affiliate programs. If you refer users you get a percentage of the fees when your users trade and exchange coins.

If you refer enough users to these it can really add up over time. - One of the biggest exchanges, and has some of the most popular coins available, refer users and earn a percentage of all trades done.
Upcoin - New crypto currency exchange that will be launching with over 1000 trading pairs, along with 24/7 live support.
Cryptopia - A new zealand based crypto exchange, has lots of good coins for sale and the system works nice and fast.
Binance - One of the most popular and easiest to use crypto currency exchanges, refer friends and earn a commision on all trades done.
Exmo - Cryptocurrency exchange that has an affiliate program, earn commision on all of your referrals buy and sells.
Bit Z - New Crypto exchange very similar to binance, new coins will be launched here and you can earn money holding the bitz token.
CEX - Awesome crypto currency exchange.. refer others and earn a percent of all trades done for life. [tutorial]




Free Tokens And Coins


Many new coins and tokens are giving away when they start up.. here is a list of sites that will give you free crypto currency just for registering your account.


CRNC - Get up to $100 worth of free CRNC just by siging up and referring some friends, lots of bonuses if you can refer many users.
Sphere - New decentralized social media network is giving away 50 free tokens, could be worth some good money in the future.
Action Coin - Earn 1000 action tokens for every user you refer.. multi level bitcoin marketing with mulitple levels or earnings, 4 billion tokens to give away!
WCEX - WCEX is a new high speed exchange that will open soon, get 50 free tokens here for registering your account.
Refereum - Get 10-100 Free Refereum coins here jus by register your email, get more by joining telegram and discord channels and referring other users.
CCRB - New crypto coin with usability and spendability in mind, get $5 worth of free coins here plus earn $10 for each user you refer.
Phoneum - Mobile phone mining coin, get free coins for sharing on twitter, facebook and telegram, easy way to get free coins.
Swift - Get 100 Free swift coins daily, and 500 swift coins for referring other users, a good way to earn free crypto daily.
Legit Coin - Get $10 free of legit coin when you sign up through this link, refer other users and earn an extra $20 per free user who signs up.
Wizzle - Get 50 free Wizzle tokens here, an easy way to buy and sell bitcoin and convert to FIAT, earn rewards every time you convert.
Blockport - The worlds first social crypto exchange, sign up here and get free coins and earn more free coins by referring users.




Bitcoin Advertising Networks


Here is a list of bitcoin advertising networks. You will need your own blog or website to run ads, you can create one on or

Coinurl and mellow ads and BTC.MS allow you to create short URLs and earn money without a website, you can just post links on your social media profiles.


Ad Combo - Get paid to promote many different ICOs and other bitcoin related offers, earn big commisions and also get paid for free sign ups.
CoinURL - Earn bitcoin by sharing short urls, also had banner ads and other good ways to earn bitcoin online. [tutorial]
BTC.MS - Create short links and earn bitcoin, link to cool videos or articles, websites and then spread the links as much as you can to earn bitcoin.
Run CPA - Many different bitcoin offers to promote, one of the best ways to earn bitcoin is by promoting these offers.
A-Ads - Anonymous ads lets you buy and sell ad space as well as earning 50 percent commision for advertiser spendings.
Mellow Ads - An advertising network with banner ads.. short URLs and good payouts. Also has a bitcoin faucet where you can get free ads.
Coin Pole - A cool bitcoin faucet hub that looks like a social media hub, make friends post stuff and refer friends to earn bitcoin, pay to advertise stuff here.



Bitcoin Mining


Bitcoin mining is one of the easiest ways to earn bitcoin.

Here are some of the easiest bitcoin mining applications to use, along with different cloud based bitcoin mining services.


Minergate - One of the easiest ways to mine with a GPU and CPU, you can mine monero, ethereum and a few other coins then convert it to bitcoin.
Nice Hash - Nice hash has some nice mining software, and automatically mines the most profitable coin and pays you out in bitcoin.
Terra Miner - A new cloud based mining company setting up in China, currently in the ICO stage. Waiting for payments to start in December.
Hash Flare - Buy hashing power here, and earn up to 15% commision on all referals sent, all paid out in bitcoin.
Ether Miner - A very easy to use web based miner that pays you in ethereum, min withdrawal is 0.05 ETH, works nice and easy from any computer.
Computta - Smart miner, mines the best paying coin and switches to other coins when the price is higher.



Bitcoin Gambling


Bitcoin gambling affiliate programs can be a great way to earn bitcoin, just refer people to these websites and earn a percentage of all bitcoin spent by that user for life.

If you happen to recruit a whale you can make some huge money.


Bit Kong - Addictive bitcoin based gambling game, one of the largest with an easy facebook sign up page and a free bitcoin faucet.
Bitvest - A very easy to use bitcoin gambling site, play roulette, dice, slots and a few more games. Provable fair system, i win lots here.
Bitcoin Games - One of the most popular gambling sites from, many very cool flash based bitcoin gambling games to play here., refer and earn.
Satoshi Mines - A very addictive bitcoin gambling game.. earn 10 percent of profit from everyone you refer, avoid the mines and win bitcoin.
True Flip - A provable fair bitcoin lottery, currently the jackpot is over 400 bitcoins!! You can also earn lots of bitcoin by referring other people.
One Hash - This site lets you bet on virtually anything, sports, events, even things like if the price of bitcoin will hit a certain level, very cool.



Top Free Bitcoin Faucets


Here is a list of paying bitcoin faucets, simply enter your bitcoin address into the site and receive small amounts of bitcoin randomly.

If you come back to these sites daily or weekly you earn more rewards.. and if you refer other people using your affiliate linking code you can earn even more bitcoin.

These are all stand alone bitcoin faucets that use their own payment system.. will add many more soon.


Bit Kong Faucet - Bit kong is one of the most popular btc gambling sites online, and gives you 500 satoshis a few times a day for free to gamble with.
Best Change - Best change has a good quality bitcoin faucet that pays up to 1000 satoshi, and is very easy to use. You can claim many times per day.




Coinpot.Co Faucets has a fantastic looking faucet system, although its still very new and only 5 faucets currently exist.

I will add more once more faucets switch to this system, check back soon. Sign up and refer people to these faucets and earn commisions.


Moon Bit - Good paying bitcoin faucet that notifies you when its time to claim.. good payout plus you can reffer people and earn more.
Moon Lite - Litecoin faucet that works with coinpot - gave me 1500 liteoshi on my first claim, refer others and get a percentage for life.
Moon Doge - Good paying litecoin faucet that works with your coinpot account.. got 0.67 doge on my first claim.
Moon Bcash - Get free bitcoin cash here from this faucet, claim every 5 minutes and get as much bitcoin cash as you can now while its cheap.
Moon Dash - Another faucet for wallets, visit daily to claim free dash satoshi every 5 minutes.
Bonus Bitcoin - Good paying bitcoin faucet that works with coinpot, gives around 70 satoshi at the moment plus good referal bonuses.
Bit Fun - Good bitcoin faucet.. paid me 500 satoshis on my first go.. lots of cool games to play online to earn more BTC from too.



Faucethub.IO Faucets


FaucetHub is a micro wallet and a large amount of faucets use this service.. here is a list of all the ones that pay and are the easiest to claim free bitcoin from.


GM 1975 - Easy to use bitcoin faucet that pays 50 to 100 satoshi, works on faucet hub, come back and claim every hour.
Claim Bits - Just input your address and solve 2 captchas to get a reward, i got 50 satoshi right away and you can claim every 15 minutes.
Bit Desire - Good bitcoin faucet that also has a lotter and some other stuff, claimed 40 satoshi right away by solving two easy puzzles.
Mafia Coins - Pays out good but its hard to get through to the captcha will take some work lol.. got 22 satoshi on my first claim.
Claim Bits - Nice and easy to use faucet without too many ads.. claimed 17 satoshi on my first try.
Elena Faucet 1 - A fairly easy easy to use bitcoin faucet, 2 puzzles to solve and i got 52 satoshi paid on my first attempt.
Elena Faucet 2 - Another faucet from elena.. lots of ads and two puzzles to solve but it's fairly easy.. paid out another
Elena Faucet 3 - A third faucet from elena which will pay out 52 satoshi and you will still be logged in to claim even quicker from this one.
Elena Faucet 4 - One more faucet from elena.. you should still be logged in so its nice and quick to claim another 52 satoshi here.
Free BTC Mine - Register on this bitcoin faucet to get 50 satoshi.. refer friends and upgrade your mining power to earn more rewards.
Golden Satoshi - This faucet has two puzzles to solve.. the second is fairly hard but not too bad. Paid out 50 satoshi on my first try, paid instantly.
Go Bits - Easy to use faucet was nice and quick to claim 15 satoshi which was paid instantly with payment proof paid into my faucethub account.
Get Coin Free - This faucet is a bit complicated to setup but can pay 15 satoshi every 5 minutes using an application.. will test and right tutorial soon.
Daily Free Bits - This site pays up to 500 satoshi per day.. i got 20 satoshi right after sign up but you have to claim many times to get the min 500 satoshi.
Hot Coins - Nice and easy to use faucet just input your bitcoin address and solve the puzzle, also lets you gamble your winnings up to 1000 satoshis.
Fautsy - Easy to use bitcoin faucet with easy captcha.. claimed 13 satoshi on my first try, can claim every 5 minutes easily.
Star Bits - Another easy to use free bitcoin faucet, i got 20 satoshi on my first try and you can claim here easily every 5 minutes.
One Way Faucet - This faucet is easy to use and you can win up to 1000 satoshi as your reward is randomly generated, can claim every 5 minutes.
Gr8 - This faucet is a bit spammy with pop ups but its fairly easy to use and solve the captchas, paid 50 satoshi instantly on my first attempt.
Pentau Faucet - Very spammy faucet opens lots of pop ups.. paid 25 satoshi instantly with proof and you can claim every 5 minutes.
Coin Dice - Spammy hard to use faucet with 2 captchas or more to solve.. you can gamble your winnings also, and it paid 35 satoshi instantly.



Blockchain Social Media Sites


These blockchain social media sites allow you to post articles, images, videos, music, post comments and like stuff..and you can earn cryptocurrency by doing so.

I am sure many more of these will come out in the future, i will keep a list of all of them here.


Steemit - The original blockchain based social media site.. currently over 400,000 registered users. Earn STEEM by posting, liking, commenting, like me :)
Zonto - Popular social media site, join through this link and get free zonto coins, use coins to post on the site and advertise stuff.
Nexus.Social - New social media platform.. currently half way through ICO - Has some amazing featuring upcoming.. get in posting stuff before everyone else!
Synero - New coin and social media voting network.. vote on content and pay to promote your content.. powered by AMP coin.
Sphere - Sphere is a new social media site that is currently in the ICO stage, get 100 free tokens just by registering a free account.
Sola - Sola is a new decentralized social media site that pays you to post content, has a working phone app so far.



Play Games And Earn Bitcoin


This would have to be the most fun way to earn bitcoin.. check out these bitcoin based games where you can earn bitcoin by playing cool games!


Aethia - Raise Ether Tamagotchi characters on the blockchain, trade, exchange, buy and sell these funny little animals for real money.
Pokebits - A very cool online pokemon game where you battle other people live and win bitcoin.. refer people and earn more bitcoin too.
Satoshi Wars - This online RPG lets you earn bitcoin by playing the game and refering friends.. lots of fun to be had here too.
Virtual Pub - A fun little game where you run a virtual pub, earn 1000 satoshi for signing up and earn more once you setup your bar and refer friends.
Fish Bank - Create virtual fish pets which act as virtual assests and can be sold, refer users and earn more credits.



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